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Perceptive Sensor Technologies and Hawk Measurement join forces to develop acoustic wave sensors

Perceptive Sensor Technologies and Hawk Measurement join forces to develop acoustic wave sensors

September 1, 2020 – Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST), the global leader in real-time fluid condition identification and monitoring, has announced Hawk Measurement (HAWK) as a global business partner. PST’s patented revolutionary non-intrusive method using acoustic waves to identify the fluid contents of any closed container or pipe was originally developed by the Department of Defense to identify chemical weapons inside the casings of shells while applying treaties with foreign countries.

PST and HAWK have sales representatives in 50 countries around the world. Today, PST introduced two new products to the market called Alarm-ID â„¢ and Transmix-ID â„¢. These two new products are designed for tank overflow protection and pipeline applications identifying the mixing of two liquids that have mixed together during transport, allowing the operator to remove them without removing the pure product.

“The process automation market has not seen such a revolutionary sensor in over 40 years,” said John Schlitt, chief revenue officer of PST. “This technology will revolutionize the measurement industry over the next decade by providing product identification / validation inside pipes or process tanks while simultaneously performing measurements such as flow, density, business transactions, mass balance, security alarms and many more on the PST development roadmap.

Jack Evans, Global President of Hawk Measurement, said: “HAWK is honored and thrilled to partner with such a technologically advanced company as PST. Evans added, “The PST product line and technology coincide with HAWK’s values ​​and commitment to bring the most innovative products to our customers. As a leading manufacturer of level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement, the PST partnership elevates HAWK’s product offerings to the global industrial market. Together, we will lead the way in providing customers with comprehensive solutions to reduce costs, mitigate risk and increase business agility. “

About Perceptive Sensor Technologies

PST designs, manufactures and sells technologies that identify liquids in a non-invasive manner as well as confirmations of product quantity and quality. Industry verticals with needs for this technology include environment, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemicals, petrochemicals, utilities, manufacturing, marine, water and wastewater, mining, pulp and paper, and government.

Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST) is the world leader in real-time fluid condition identification and monitoring through a patented and revolutionary non-intrusive method using ultrasonic waves to determine the fluid content of any container or closed pipe. Read more

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