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Top five innovative printed and flexible sensor technologies, according to IDTechEx

BOSTON, February 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Printed / flexible sensors offer multiple advantages over their more established rigid counterparts including lower weight, flexibility / compliance and potentially lower manufacturing costs as printing facilitates continuous production methods High Speed. In addition, the printed / flexible sensors can measure a wide range of parameters and […]

Sensor technologies

Cerebrum Sensor Technologies Unveils Revolutionary Tire Load and Tread Depth Monitoring Solutions

It is not surprising that companies have had to adapt to current challenges in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has had an impact on revenues, supply chains, employee health, and more. like never before. In particular, most companies large and small have ended research and development initiatives with the sole focus of the year being […]

Sensor technologies

Cerebrum Sensor Technologies Unveils Revolutionary Tire Load and Tread Depth Monitoring Solutions.

Despite these challenges and trends, Los Angeles-based Cerebrum Sensor Technologies has doubled its efforts with the development of smart tire technologies. “When we launched Cerebrum last year [2019] we knew this was the first product on the market to offer real-time tread depth monitoring; so we had to set the bar high. Keith Ferry, CEO […]

Sensor technologies

Nanoscale sensor technologies could detect COVID-19 at any stage of the disease, researchers say – COVID-19

Image: Various diagnostic techniques can be used to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA (Photo courtesy of Saadet Alpdagtas and Elif Ilhan) Despite various techniques for diagnosing COVID-19, no single test is available for the entire stage of the disease, although nanoscale sensor technologies can detect the attack at any stage of the disease. , according to the […]

Sensor technologies

Hawk Measurement in Global Sales Agreement with Perceptive Sensor Technologies for Real-Time Fluid Identification and Condition Monitoring

Posted by Paul Moore on September 9, 2020 Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), a global leader in industrial measurement and monitoring solutions, has been selected as a global business partner for Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST). PST patented and released the industry’s first real-time fluid condition monitoring and identification solution, which can identify any fluid inside a […]

Sensor technologies

Perceptive Sensor Technologies and Hawk Measurement join forces to develop acoustic wave sensors

Summary Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST), the world leader in real-time fluid condition identification and monitoring, has announced Hawk Measurement (HAWK) as a global business partner. Perceptive Sensor Technologies and Hawk Measurement join forces to develop acoustic wave sensors September 1, 2020 – Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST), the global leader in real-time fluid condition identification and […]

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The four main sensor technologies disrupting future smart cities

Image credit: Stock Research firm Frost & Sullivan has published its Opportunities of emerging sensor technologies impacting the future of smart cities report. The report analyzes the top four sensor technologies deployed by smart cities and the drivers of the solutions. According to the study, the digitization and advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Sensor technologies

Recycleye secures funding for MRF sensor technologies

Sensor detects different types of items in waste streams With the funding, Recycleye says it hopes to implement its Vision sensor in materials recycling (MRF) facilities to benefit an industry that currently “lacks accountability and traceability.” Peter Hedley, CTO of the company, said: “The human eye sees only visible light, but the power of our […]

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Sensor products facilitate predictive maintenance

ST’s IIS3DWB vibration sensor and STEVAL-STWINKT1 multi-sensor evaluation kit accelerate the development of condition-based maintenance systems. Together, these products help power next-generation Industry 4.0 applications that enable intelligent maintenance of plant equipment. Optimized for vibration detection, the IIS3DWB 3-axis MEMS accelerometer detects vibrations which are the main indicators of a machine’s maintenance needs. The device […]