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Hawk Measurement in Global Sales Agreement with Perceptive Sensor Technologies for Real-Time Fluid Identification and Condition Monitoring

Posted by Paul Moore on September 9, 2020

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), a global leader in industrial measurement and monitoring solutions, has been selected as a global business partner for Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST). PST patented and released the industry’s first real-time fluid condition monitoring and identification solution, which can identify any fluid inside a container, tank, or tank. sealed pipeline.

PST technology, which was originally developed by the US Department of Defense to identify chemical weapons inside artillery shells, uses a non-intrusive method to detect and identify liquids inside closed container, pipe or vessel. John Schlitt, Chief Revenue Officer of PST, said: “The process automation market has not seen such a revolutionary sensor in over 40 years. This technology will revolutionize the measurement industry over the next decade, providing identification and validation of products inside pipes or process tanks while simultaneously performing measurements such as flow, density, business transactions, mass balance, security alarms and many more on the PST development roadmap.

Products designed by PST include Transmix-ID, Alarm-ID and Portable-ID among several others in development. The Transmix-ID is a clamp-on sensor capable of detecting and identifying liquid flowing through pipelines to monitor and identify the interface between two liquids. The Alarm-ID is a protection system against overfilling and underfilling the tank. The Portable-ID is a portable sensor capable of identifying liquids and diagnosing process problems inside closed containers or pipes. Future product development includes the identification of flows and gases as well as interface and subsea applications.

HAWK says this cutting edge technology will add unparalleled value to its customers. Jack Evans, Global President of Hawk Measurement, said: “HAWK is honored and thrilled to be partnering with such a technologically advanced company as PST. The product line and PST technology coincide with HAWK’s values ​​and commitment to bring the most innovative products to our customers. As a leading manufacturer of level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement, the PST partnership elevates HAWK’s product offerings to the global industrial market. Together, we will lead the way in providing customers with comprehensive solutions to reduce costs, mitigate risk and increase business agility. “

HAWK believes that PST technology will not only increase safety and efficiency, but improve economics, sustainability and have substantial environmental impact. This core technology will serve as a platform for a variety of applications in which HAWK specializes, including mining. The partners claim that no other company offers this technology in the industrial process market. “The partnership between PST and HAWK is expected to rapidly increase sales, generate brand awareness in the market and provide the resources necessary to drive innovation and continued growth. “

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