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DarioHealth Expands Footprint in Musculoskeletal Sensor Technologies with the Upright GO S

NEW YORK, June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO), a leader in the global digital therapy (DTx) market, today announced the launch of the Upright GO S, a new wearable sensor based on the company’s pioneering biofeedback technologies to improve back health accessible to more people.

This new product from Upright, by Dario, is part of the company’s planned growth strategy to increase the number of memberships to the platform through business partnerships and consumer channels. Currently, Dario has over 185,000 members in its integrated suite of digital therapies for chronic and mental health needs.

“One of the strengths of Upright’s sensor-based solutions is the success of consumer adoption. The Upight GO S continues this legacy by providing a more affordable option to make digital health solutions accessible to more people in support of our mission and membership growth strategy, ”said Erez Raphael, CEO of DarioHealth.

New research published in the journal Demography documents the growing prevalence of chronic back and neck pain in American adults, with the greatest increase in pain affecting people in lower socioeconomic classes.1 Employers are also paying attention, as back pain is becoming a significant problem for their populations, especially for employees who spend a lot of time sitting. In addition, a recent survey of users of Upight by Dario found that 78% of them agree that increasing sedentary activities during the day has a negative impact on their health, further illustrating the need for preventive approaches. .

The Upright GO S represents a breakthrough in our sensor technology and responds to the demand for more accessible musculoskeletal care across our consumer base. Additionally, the Upright Go S presents an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers that we hope will improve membership diversity on our platform. The increased diversity of our members enables our AI-powered personalization engine to deliver more personalized experiences to more users.

1 Anna Zajacova, Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk, Zachary Zimmer; Pain Trends in American Adults, 2002-2018: Patterns, Disparities, and Correlates. Demography April 1, 2021; 58 (2): 711-738. doi:

About DarioHealth Corp.

DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) is a leading global digital therapy company that is revolutionizing the way people with chronic conditions manage their health. Dario’s next-generation digital therapy solutions, powered by AI, support more than just an individual’s illness. Dario offers adaptive and personalized experiences that drive behavior change through evidence-based interventions, intuitive and clinically proven digital tools, high-quality software and coaching to help individuals improve their health and achieve results. significant results. Dario offers one of the highest rated diabetes and hypertension solutions on the market. The company’s cross-functional team operates at the intersection of life sciences, behavioral sciences and software technology and is rapidly expanding into new chronic diseases and geographies, using a performance-based approach to improve the health of its users. Dario does the right thing to make the easy thing to do. To learn more about DarioHealth and its digital health solutions, or for more information, visit

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