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AerNos showcases new nano gas sensor products at CES 2020

AerNos, Inc. has announced that it will showcase and demonstrate new nano gas sensor products and capabilities at CES 2020. AerNos will unveil miniaturized products and demonstrate breakthrough new gas detection capabilities for its iconic AerIoT product, the Portable SmartAer and AerBand stand-alone air quality monitor. Research. Continuing advancements in AerNos’ proprietary gas detection platform, AerN2S, enable revolutionary gas detection capabilities for affordable small sensors.

AerNos nano gas sensor products use a small array of sensors to detect multiple gases simultaneously at parts per billion (ppb) levels for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, detection of hazardous gases and ‘other electronic nose applications. Today, air quality monitoring for smart homes, smart cities, commercial buildings, transportation and other applications is hampered by the performance limitations of existing gas sensors. By detecting multiple gases simultaneously at ppb levels, AerNos enables customers to address specific applications with a single sensor module or product.

Based on AerN2S technology, AerNos scientists have developed sensitive detection capabilities for ozone, enabling monitoring at extremely low single digit ppb levels. Additionally, AerNos will unveil new formaldehyde capabilities, also made possible by AerN2S technology, and developed in response to strong demand from global customers for precise indoor formaldehyde monitoring.

AerNos multi-gas sensors are customizable for specific gases and applications and will be available to order at CES. In addition to ozone and formaldehyde, the capabilities of AerNos multi-gas sensors include ammonia, NO2, TVOCs and other gases.

“We are delighted to return to CES in 2020 to announce new nan gas sensor technology products and capabilities that are urgently needed to meet customer demand and protect human health and safety,” said Sundip R Doshi, founder and CEO of AerNos. . “We are getting a huge response to our revolutionary formaldehyde, ozone and ammonia capabilities and we look forward to engaging at CES with customers around the world. “

Designed for high volume manufacturing, AerNos gas nanosensors meet the need for reliable, accurate and application specific gas sensors for the more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide expected by 2020.

Source: AerNos, Inc.

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